Pune: Students’ anger over MPSC policy

Pune: Students' anger over MPSC policy MyCivilExam

More than 5000 students raise questions on social media to announce exam dates.

The Maharashtra State Public Service Commission (MPSC) has announced the postponement of two exams namely State Services Pre-examination and Social Welfare Department Examination. But as no scheduled date has been announced, lakhs of students in the state are keeping an eye on the MPSC announcement. But as there was no response, on Thursday more than 5000 students launched a campaign to announce dates.

Also, if MPSC is following everything of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) then why can’t schedule dates. He has also raised such a question and expressed his anger on the affairs of MPSC.

Maharashtra Gazetted Civil Services Combined Pre-Examination 2024 was to be conducted on 28th April, 2024 and Social Welfare Officer, Group-B and Other Backward Bahujan Welfare Officer, Group-B Direct Service Screening Examination – on 19th May, 2024. Taking into account the provisions of Reservation for Socially and Educationally Backward Classes Act 2024, the Commission will make further announcement regarding the examinations after receiving the revised reservation determination from the Government.

This reason has been mentioned by MPSC in the manifesto. But it has not been said when the exam will be conducted again. The Commission had informed on social media that the date of Civil Services Prelims Examination conducted by the Central Public Service Commission (UPSC) has been postponed. As the Lok Sabha elections were announced at that time, this exam has been postponed. It was explained. Also, this exam will now be held on June 16 instead of May 26.

This is clearly stated by UPSC in its post. Along with this, the preliminary examination of Indian Forest Service conducted by UPSC has also been postponed due to Lok Sabha elections. By announcing this, it has been announced that this exam will be held on June 16 instead of May 26. Due to this, MPSC students have once again given an indignant suggestion that MPSC should learn planning from UPSC.

MPSC has used the word Yathavakash in the circular while postponing the exam. Even during the Corona era, the exams were repeatedly postponed. Even then, the Commission used the term Yathakash loosely. Therefore, the students have also demanded that the MPSC should answer as to what is meant by Yathavash.

Basically, only postponing the paper without giving any further dates which is alleged by MPSC. Due to this, the candidates across the state have become deeply depressed. Because, students are spending eight to ten thousand rupees every month to prepare for these exams. Lakhs of candidates prepare for the exams by staying in a city like Pune. Even during the Corona period, they were very depressed as the exams were postponed and even now their financial planning is collapsing due to the postponement of the exams without announcing any date. Considering this, MPSC should announce the dates. So that students can plan their finances and studies.

–        Rakesh, MPSC student.

When there are many issues related to the life of the candidates such as increasing age for marriage, insufficient time for girls to be educated at home, the issue of expenses, MPSC does not seem to give any thought to this. Has MPSC left its candidates in the wind? A question arises. Central Public Service Commission will be giving new date while postponing its exam; So what is the problem in giving new dates to State Public Service Commission? Giving new dates will remove the confusion in the minds of the students and help them to plan their preparations accordingly; This too should be seriously considered by the Commission.

   Ram, MPSC student.

MPSC should announce the new dates immediately after considering the candidates. All the students have this strong feeling. Should candidates always protest for their right to justice in progressive Maharashtra? This question also arises. Who is going to consider the feelings of the candidates? Due to the transparency of MPSC, the dates should be announced soon.

   Manisha, MPSC student.

Many experts are expressing the opinion that the State Public Service Commission should definitely consider the depression and the strong feelings expressed by it. The commission should give new dates immediately after taking into consideration the life of the candidates, growing age, financial planning, inadequate opportunities for girls for education. If Central Public Service Commission can give new dates, why not State Public Service Commission.

   Mahesh Bade, Coordinator – Students Rights Association

Students say…

– MPSC should announce the exam dates as soon as possible through press release. Also Group C Main 2023 Clerk Result should be published early and the date of skill test should be announced.

– The Government should issue the revised demand sheet for the maximum number of seats in the state service advertisement and also the maximum number of seats in the joint group B and C advertisement to the MPSC immediately.

– These exams should be conducted in the month of June, again it will be difficult to conduct the exam during monsoon.

– MPSC should announce General Merit List of Sub Inspector of Police 2021.

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